We Are Paralyzed On Talking About Race.


As an Anglo moderate Independent, I sometimes feel like there is some kind of hysteria developing on talking about race. The Civil Rights Movement was such a wonderful needed thing. But I am starting to get the impression that it is growing kind of stagnant with some people. I am aware that minorities may see this quite differently, and I do not wish to offend.  But with many of the comments I have heard lately, you would think that nothing has changed at all since 1960. There is an assumption that most whites are still closet racists, and that the country is still overwhelmingly biased against non-white minorities. Huge numbers of people feel free to slander complete strangers with the awful title of racist with no proof whatsoever. It is sometimes getting like a new form of McCarthyism, when the fear of Communism got completely out of control. Like those scary days,  people are losing their jobs for making one remark that strangers feel is racist. This is like when you could lose your job because some anonymous person accused you of being a Communist, it didn’t matter if there was enough verification.

With the election of Obama, I among many, was overjoyed that this would herald a new era of racial understanding. So far I am disappointed, and I feel somewhat betrayed at having voted for him. Though, he is obviously struggling right now, and I do feel sympathy for him. I would be incapable of handling such an overwhelming job. But sometimes I get the impression that his real interest is in using his presidency as payback against whites for past sins. He has so many minorities in high positions that, I think, a kind of “group think” has taken over. All they seem to want to talk about is the distant past, and to act as though the government is still needed to massively enforce overwhelming institutional racism. I am particularly concerned by Obama’s actions obsessing over the rights and welfare of noncitizens in this country illegally. He took an oath to defend the citizens of the United States. His constant obsession with undermining immigration laws makes it obvious that he has forgotten his unemployed, poor, and desperate inner city minoritiy citizens.

I thought that we spent years stamping out the concept that  people should just vote their race, and shut out those of a different race. Yet now Liberals and the media obsessively talk about the Latino vote and how all whites should cater to them and do anything to get their vote —  or whites will just lose out.  In fact, there is constant open talk to just replace whites. What is the difference from the days of Jim Crow, when whites contrived ways to cancel out the votes of African-Americans? In fact, Obama’s actions to  flood the country with Hispanic illegals can clearly be seen as a way to suppress the white vote.

Don’t like white Republican voting patterns?  Just flip the area Democratic by flooding it with illegals that will eventually become voters. It has already happened in many areas, so this is no longer a theoretical fear.

I also am concerned by the constant talk by Liberals about how racist their fellow citizens are. What are uninformed newcomers to think? This does not bode well for the future of our country. Why do these people have no loyalty to fellow citizens? Again, race trumps everything. They feel more concerned about the welfare of illegal ethnic immigrants than poor and unemployed fellow citizens. This is a matter of basic loyalty that holds a country together, protecting it from outside threats. Most people born in Mexico have a strong loyalty to Mexico and we are naive to think otherwise. Why would all of these thousands put the welfare of the U.S. above their native country?

Blacks and others might draw some comfort from talking about the past. This is understandable. But when racial issues are so urgent and so changed, do we have the luxury of constantly talking  about a world that no longer exists? Many people believe that Anglos will become the minority, When that happens, as it already has happened in California and other areas, will current minorities be equally interested in protecting our rights, as they are in discussing past sins? Many Anglos are really struggling also, and do not benefit from Affirmative Action. Why should someone who has crossed the border illegally, be amnestied, and benefit from Affirmative Action programs — and not a native-born poor citizen?

Every needed social movement can eventually just becomes the stale “establishment,”where those in power simply do not want the status quo to change, because the benefit from it.


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